Climate Change, Syria and the future: Why the refugees will keep on coming

The cases of Syria and Egypt suggest that the impacts of climate change can play a role in stoking the flames of insecurity and strife in corrupt and authoritarian states. Because of this, refugees will continue to head West. The case for international climate aid and moral leadership has never been stronger.


Essay: Antifragility and Adaptation

The last two posts have looked at the idea of transformational adaptation. In short, they’ve argued that this once radical notion is being watered down in the name of palatability to the great and good of the mainstream world of international development. But sometimes it’s good to look elsewhere for new ideas even if it’s…

Food systems will not adapt to climate change without seed diversity warns report

This article was first published on the Get Resilient Blog and is republished with permission.   Global food systems will struggle to adapt to climate change unless urgent action is taken to increase seed diversity, warn advocacy and environmental groups. In a recent report, the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA), Gaia Foundation and African Biodiversity Network (ABN) highlight…